Your Guide for Schiermonnikoog

Book an island guide to explore the nature of Schiermonnikoog. Folkert Abma is lucky to live here all his life. He guides various outdoor activities for young and old, individuals and groups. The emphasis is on experiencing the outdoors. See how grand nature can be and become aware of its vulnerabilities.

Nature hike


Family gathering, team day or treat for yourself? Enjoy being together in the breathtaking nature of Schiermonnikoog; Experience the island; Strolling through dunes, forest and/or beach accompanied by an islander guide.

We walk at a pace everyone feels comfortable with and we can take a break.

Duration: 3 to 4 hours
Group size: max. 15 participants
Departure location and time: your choice
Price: € 195 per group

Private potoworkshop


Private guidance from a Schiermonnikoger nature photographer with excellent knowledge in the field of the island; Give your photos a creative boost; An exclusive photo workshop, completely customized to your needs.

Discover together with friends, family, colleagues or alone the hidden photogenic spots of Schiermonnikoog.

Duration: 3 hours
Group size: no limit
Departure location and time: your choice
Price: €195 per group

Seabed walk


Experience sound and space like you can find in few other places. Get carried away by stories of this muddy world where the sea returns twice a day.

We walk at low tide across young salt marshes and mud flats where the boundary of sea and land is diffuse. This seemingly deserted landscape is teeming with life. Discover how plants and animals survive there and how they shape the landscape. Your view of the Wadden Sea will never be the same again.

Duration: 2 hours
Group size: max. 20 participants
Departure location and time: your choice
Price: € 195 per group

Day trip


Feel like an islander for a day on this day trip to the rugged east side of the island; Along a varied route through one of the last pieces of untouched wilderness in the Benelux. 

We will focus on the special things of the moment. Bring your picnic for a break with a view.

Duration: 8 hours
Group size: no limit
Departure location and time: your choice
Price: € 295 per group

Experience the island

schoen van een wandelaar stapt op omgevallen boomstronk waar varens omheen groeien

So many interesting things happen on Schiermonnikoog in nature. It is my passion to show that to other people.


Do you have special needs due to a disability?
Then please contact us, we are happy to look for possibilities

Our clients appreciate the personal attention. I try to take into account the wishes of each participant individually and Marjolein likes to take the time to answer practical questions. We make a good team that way.


On 6/11/2022 Folkert gave an interview for VVV Schiermonnikoog, about his life, his passion and future plans. (Dutch language link)

Since 2019 we have been organizing photo workshops and from 2023 also other outdoor activities in the nature of Schiermonnikoog. Read what others are saying about us. (most reviews are in Dutch)

Folkert paints seascapes and landscapes of Schiermonnikoog with oil paint. On display in our web store.

icoon van wit haasje met wit bijschrift Straun

Let's make it a great day

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